About Us

Our company Funing Rare-Earth GmbH is the branch of Funing Rare-Earth Industrial Cooperation which has many years experience in producing the rare earth, we have been in pursuit of breakthrough in technology as well as product quality. Our operation guideline is to satisfy the clients by our entire devotion. Funing Rare-Earth Industrial Cooperation has a long history, it was founded in 1973. In 1994 the New Chloride Rare-Earth separating line was constructed and South ionic type yttrium europium rare earth oxide separation production line newly set-up in 2000.
Present capacity:Separating 6000 tons of rare earth chloride per year,separating 2000 tons of yttrium europium minerals.
Main products:carbonate, nitrate, fluoride, chloride, hydroxide, acetate, octylic, oxide of 15 rare earth elements including lanthanum cerium, praseodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, dysprosium, terbium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutecium and yttrium etc. and series products of cerium ammonium nitrate, cerium zirconium nitrate, lanthanum cerium zirconium nitrate and yttrium europium oxide, We are able to meet the different requirements of purity, granularity, activity, specific gravity, specific surface area and haziness etc. by different users.
High Purity Products:The company can produce yearly 600 tons of high purity lanthanum oxide with purity of 99.999% and above , 400 tons of high purity yttrium oxide with purity of 99.9995% and above, 400 tons of high purity cerium products with purity of 99.99% .
Super Purity Products: With modern high pressure ionic exchange production line, the company can produce 15 key series of super purity rare earth products and laser grade scandium oxide with purity of 99.995% and above.
The company covers an area of 100000 m2 with 400 employees, out of which 3 are experts on rare earth well-known both inside China and abroad. 86 of them are engineers or technicians. It has advanced production, inspection and testing equipments.
The Company has passed the Quality System Certification of ISO9001:2000 and got ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System certifications. It possesses independent right of import and export.
Adhering always to the principles of "Credibility, quality, Service", the Company has been developing the extensive cooperation with domestic and international customers.
Together with all employees, Mr.Zhu Guancheng, the President & General Manager of the Company, warmly welcome all customers, old & new, and people from all works of society to visit the company and give guidance.Let's work for the better.

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